San Lorenzo Maggiore Complex

The urban layout of Neapolis is structured in a regular network of streets. History and archeology, architecture, sculpture and painting of San Lorenzo Maggiore Complex had…

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San Lorenzo Complex

The ancient Neapolis, founded in 470 B.C by Greek colonizers who had previously settled in Cumae, corresponds to that part of the historical centre of the city currently…

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San Lorenzo Maggiore Basilica

In the macellum area an early-christian basilica was erected and later connected and partly overlaid by the 14th-century gothic church of San Lorenzo Maggiore, restructured…

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Why visit the buried Neapolis? A trip back in time.

The city of Neapolis


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Chapter Hall


Sisto V Hall




FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

The Archaeological excavations of “The Neapolis Buried” are inside of the monumental complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore, in the heart of the historic center of Naples in “Via dei Tribunali, 316” adjacent Piazza San Gaetano and San Gregorio Armeno.

Archaeological excavations of “Neapolis Buried”, Museum, Cloister, Sisto V Hall and more.


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